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Jiribam was notified as a small town in 1973 under the Assam Municipal Act, 1923. Township Committee was also constituted to address the  local area interest of the people. It came under the Manipur Municipalities Act, 1976 and further under the Manipur Municipalities Act, 1994. It was upgraded to a Municipality in 1984. Jiribam Municipal Council (JMC) has 10 wards.

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Jiribam town is the Sub-Divisional headquarter of Jiribam Sub-Division in the Imphal East District of the state. Although Jiribam is located at a distance of 222 kms from Imphal but due to its topographical characteristics it is attached to Imphal District for administrative reasons. Jiribam has a long history of its own. Settlement at present town started some time in the beginning of the Century around 1904 A.D. The local administration was looked after by one Darwan of the King. Jiribam became a Mauzar in 1940 and the office of the Mauzardar of Jiribam was converted into S.D.C. office in 1950.

The Jiribam Municipal Council is responsible for the development of Jiribam town which is the Sub-Divisional headquarter of Jiribam Sub Division in the Imphal East District of the state.



Jiribam : 30 July, 2018 : A Join Team of Councillors & Staffs of JMC lead by  Executive officer M. Rajen Singh has planted varities of plant at Multy Utility Complex of JMC at KalinagarWard No. 2.

Jiribam Municipal council Office
Bird eye view of Jiribam Town
Jiribam Railway Station

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